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Posted on March 21, 2011


Summertime Girls

Stokeapop done a plop






There’s been a real spring-like feeling in the air, it’s gone flat (and the Magnolia are in bud) which is a sign that summer is just around the corner! Here’s a poem about how wonderful it is to be a surfer in summertime (which is our natural state I think). Of course the weather wont last and it’ll probably snow in May (again) but I guess that just makes us more nostalgic for the fleeting glance we’re having of summer now.



Gone are the grimaces of winter

And relaxed are the smiles of summer.

New boards, dawn patrols and brown feet.

Living in shorts with salty hair,

Sunburnt noses and

Sandy toeses.

Cold beer, barbeques, beach cricket,

Endless blue, driftwood fires, crispy towels

And mackerel spirals.

Sunset, sunrise, laughing, joking,

Four surfs a day beneath wispy skies –


Surf wax smells mix with

Summer swells, flimsy shirts and

Flip flop squirts.

Fit and sure.

Not so fragile now,

Summertime fun,

Fun, fun, fun, fun.

Just gotta take that one last one,

In the never ending summer sun.

© Ester Spears

Woolacombe SunsetClick on images for bigger pic