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PS (Puffins & Sika)

May 27, 2017


Postscript to the May Lundy trip are these photos of Puffins & Sika deer taken with the Long Tom. The long tom is my Canon 600mm f4 weighting in at nearly 5 ½ kilos, it is virtually impossible to hand hold except for short periods and although it is bitingly sharp is a class one, […]

Day tripping Lundy dreaming

May 26, 2017


Maytime, the early boat from Bideford, despite getting up at minus-saturday to make the 8am sailing you are rewarded with a few extra hours of island time. The weather, the fresh late spring easy and an Lundy first timer all make for a magical encounter, these shots from the full frame and standard lens have […]

Mountaineering monkeys and shy Sika

December 10, 2016


Well not exactly monkeys but sure footed Lundy goats, who seem to defy the normal laws of gravity. They somehow perch on sheer granite cliffs with a laid-back approach of a Beatnik in a coffee shop; and all to munch on some tasty lichen. Mmmmmmm. Lichen, as we all know, is a composite organism that […]

A Perfect Antidote ..

August 20, 2016


. .. to the Summer Crowds: We don’t normally go to Lundy in the busy ‘six weeks’ of summer, but when two of my beloved Tibbettian friends have August birthdays – it would be rude not to sneak a few away days on the island. Especially as, rather randomly, their birthdays fall on the same […]

Maytime Magic

May 28, 2016


With all the Puffin-tastic excitement of my previous post (Puffins & Bluebells) I almost forgot these set of pix of our encounter with the Sika deer herd on Lundy. Amazing the think that all the photos taken in these two blog posts were taken in just four short hours on the Island. Maytime on Lundy […]

In the calm before the storm

February 13, 2016


It was back to Tibbetts at the beginning of February and instead of the hoped-for snow, the weather was mild and damp. While storm Imogen was still clearing her throat and hitching up her skirts out in the mid-atlantic, we went for a mini yomp north of the three quarter wall in the calm before […]

Sika Silhouettes

February 4, 2015


Picture this: An early afternoon in the pub: sheltering from the wrath of the Atlantic, log fire, Lundy Gold and laughter, then, during a lull – the reluctant decision to hike home. A two mile trek acroos the moor against a lively north-westerly, so strong it rips the snot and phlegm across your frozen cheek. […]