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Mountaineering monkeys and shy Sika

December 10, 2016


Well not exactly monkeys but sure footed Lundy goats, who seem to defy the normal laws of gravity. They somehow perch on sheer granite cliffs with a laid-back approach of a Beatnik in a coffee shop; and all to munch on some tasty lichen. Mmmmmmm. Lichen, as we all know, is a composite organism that […]

Maytime Magic

May 28, 2016


With all the Puffin-tastic excitement of my previous post (Puffins & Bluebells) I almost forgot these set of pix of our encounter with the Sika deer herd on Lundy. Amazing the think that all the photos taken in these two blog posts were taken in just four short hours on the Island. Maytime on Lundy […]

Birds and Bluebells on Puffin Island

May 18, 2016


Regular readers of this weblog, (oh I hate that word, it’s not even woody sounding…..) Right, start again, and from this point onwards, this ‘photo and musings diary’ will be referred to as a wetlog – because it’s is more like a saturated piece of driftwood than something that was made up by an adolescent […]

Golden hour

May 11, 2016


Finer temptress, Though the ages she’s heading west From far away, stays for a day, never a frown with golden brown. Click on the pic to make it sic Canon 5d mk3 + 24-70mm f2.8 L ll wide open Postscript: Recently, The Lundy Island facebook page has just adopted one of my photos as its […]

In the calm before the storm

February 13, 2016


It was back to Tibbetts at the beginning of February and instead of the hoped-for snow, the weather was mild and damp. While storm Imogen was still clearing her throat and hitching up her skirts out in the mid-atlantic, we went for a mini yomp north of the three quarter wall in the calm before […]


July 27, 2014


Just a few pictures of the hottest week of the year so far, including the ones the BBC wanted to use “for a credit”; no bitching about the – lack of surf, the state of (surf) photography, the sticky nights(!), the overcrowding, the abysmal driving skills of the visitors, the litter, the dog poo or […]

Swallows projeck

July 16, 2014


Part 1. Horse flies bring salad days for swallows. All the biting insects about this summer may be bad news for gardeners and horses but for swallows, swifts, martins and other insect eating birds it’s ‘ happy days’. The European swallow (Monty Python) or more correctly the Barn Swallow, heralds the beginning of summer when […]

Where Exmoor meets the sea

July 12, 2014


The piece of coast from Combe Martin to Lynmouth is surely one of the most dramatic and magical places in North Devon. There’s so much stuff crammed into this little area that no wonder the rich, the famous and the romantics have made this coast where Exmoor meets the sea, their home now, in recent […]

Tribbles, Tipples & Tibbetts

March 10, 2014


Just the most wonderful, isolated and remote place to stay: Those were some views of Tibbetts and these are some views from Tibbetts: Lastly this is the Tibbetts pigmy shrew (Photo taken in near darkness): Clickety click to make it sick Canon cameras and lenses….

Five go mad at Tibbetts

March 9, 2014


Winter this time, helicopter ride, no light but fabulous time spent with good friends. Click on the pic to make it magical Canon 5D mk3 w/ 24-70mm f2.8 ll, 70-300mm L IS & 15mm fisheye