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September’s Inn – dunkin swallows

September 4, 2014


September is a month that promises so much, after a brief but hectic summer ‘season’ the schools have reclaimed their froth (and legropes), leaving us and the beaches relatively empty and it gives a chance for ‘us’ lucky locals to enjoy the late summer sunshine (and surf) in peace and quiet – without the heartache […]

Into the Winter

November 3, 2011


The evenings are getting darker and darker, literally and not as a consequence of all the ridiculous moustaches starting to sprout everywhere! The water is slowly getting colder and the surf is becoming bigger and meatier (is that a word?). Here’s a few pictures of wild and woolly local beach in all it’s pre winter […]

First impressions of little Holga

July 22, 2011


Having spent a small fortune on acquiring fast aperture, L glass for my Canon cameras it was a bit of a surprise to me when I impulsively bought a crappy little plastic lens with a tiny f8 hole. Maybe it’s a mid life crisis, (what another one? – surely not) or just a desperate attempt […]

Easy Living

March 21, 2011


          There’s been a real spring-like feeling in the air, it’s gone flat (and the Magnolia are in bud) which is a sign that summer is just around the corner! Here’s a poem about how wonderful it is to be a surfer in summertime (which is our natural state I think). […]