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Exmoor Safari on heat

July 4, 2018


A chance encounter and any excuse not to work during this hot spell, was the perfect combination for an afternoon off: and ‘drive over the moor’. Just when you think you know everything about Exmoor, it’s like yea sure, the more you know – the more you dont know. Our guide Daphne, born and bred […]

Deer on the Exmoor doorstep

January 21, 2018


The rain, drizzle & mizzle, downpours in grey sheets. On muddy paths & Flooded roads. Forcing the valiant wanderer Into pubs & lukewarm hot-tubs.   Mmmmm. Anyway. Ginuary, rest and a chance to edit some pix from 0ur last sunny day. Btw, HBC (Happy Birthday Charlotte), Wtf & BYT (Boil yer Tatties) haha. Deer on […]

Stalking in the heather

September 6, 2015


September’s here; the kids have gone back to school and the tourists have dragged their sad lives and caravans back home. It’s time to reclaim the moor. Here are a few pix from an evening drive out to have a picnic and see if we could find some of  Britians largest animal frolicing in the […]

Happy New Year! Let’s dance

January 2, 2015


It’s fifty shades of brown on the moor at the moment and if you are lucky enough to get it ‘all lit up’ by some weak winter sunshine; the mood becomes magical. To cap off another great drive on the moor with the indomitable Neil Osmond of Experience Exmoor, we caught these two young ladies […]

Velvet Undercover – Sweet Devon

August 14, 2014


An impromptu visit to the moor on the way to a surprise birthday bash and we stumble into these two beauties, in velvet, wow, grazing in sheep pasture (ooops – bloody buggers, I’m sure they didn’t eat much, Mr Psychopath Subsidy-Farmer ). It’s typical isn’t it, you’ve starved yourself all day and are gagging for […]