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That day, in the bay.

March 10, 2021


Devon-date 27/02/21. It’s a day we will remember for a long time, a top contender for day of the winter. Super clean long range swell kissed by gentle offshores. Big but handleable if you didn’t get caught out, blue skies and arctic temperatures. The little bay looking g(r)ate.. Rights into the pipe. A few lefts […]


July 27, 2014


Just a few pictures of the hottest week of the year so far, including the ones the BBC wanted to use “for a credit”; no bitching about the – lack of surf, the state of (surf) photography, the sticky nights(!), the overcrowding, the abysmal driving skills of the visitors, the litter, the dog poo or […]

Marvellous March

March 29, 2012


What can I say that already hasn’t been said over the social networks this past week. A week of offshores, warm weather and some pretty bloody decent surf too; not bad for Blighty in the summer months, but in March – unheard of – but not unwelcome. An unusual combination of a seeming trapped low […]

Tribute to Russ

November 11, 2011


Congratulations to Russell Winter who won three titles yesterday in one epic day of surfing at a thumping Fistral Beach, which was a strength-sapping and grinding 4 – 8 feet and classic conditions for the season deciding final event on the UK Pro Surf Tour. Russ won the final Relentless Energy Drink Super Series contest […]

Holga portraits at Quik Pro Junior

September 2, 2011


I am really enjoying using the ‘hit and miss’ Holga lens at the mo. The exposures are all over the shop, and the focus is agricultural – to say the least but, the massive vignetting and softness force you into a different mindset to get a result. The technique I have developed so far is […]

Mid winter surf gold

February 13, 2011


  Plenty of swell around this weekend and pumping waves in north west Ireland by the looks of things. Lots of swell here in north Devon too and lots of miles clocked up by surfers and photographers alike; checking, searching and dodging the rain showers. With bad light and contrary tides I was thinking that […]

Postcard from Nicaragua

February 7, 2011


Good to hear from Wooly ripper Stuart Campbell, who Facebooked from Nicaragua to say how stoked he was to be on the cover of ‘Wanderings’ . He is there with Alan Stokes on a photo shoot for Carve Magazine. Which gives me a good excuse to plug the book again and celebrate the tenth sale! […]

The essential contentment of futile wanderings

January 31, 2011


This is my new book of ‘lyrics’ which is published tomorrow (1st Feb). It’s more of a booklet really containing 24 pages with 8 new verses and 12 photos and is hand printed to give it a lovely glossy finish. The words (not too sure if you can call them poems) were the initial impetus […]

Sunset choices

January 29, 2011


I’ve been editing my new book ‘The Essential Contentment of Futile Wanderings’ and wanted a nice sunset for the back page or near the end of the booklet. Generally I am not a big fan of ‘sunset’ shots as I find them a bit clichéd, same-y and they never seem to live up to the […]