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Castle Cottage

March 25, 2018


There are many different types of accommodation for visitors to Lundy Island. From the grandeur of Millcombe House to the stark remoteness of Tibbetts, from the romance of the Old Lighthouse to the practicality of the radio room. None however can boast a view like that from from the massive window at Castle Cottage. It […]

Catching oysters on a cold winters day

February 3, 2018


In a gap between downpours, on a cold winters day, I took advantage of a super low tide and walked from Main beach here in Woolacombe to Grunta beach without getting my feet wet (waterproof shoes). As a consequence of the super moon, the tide drains out to near zero allowing us walkers to pass […]

We watched the wheeling harbingers of an apocalyptic fate for mankind.

June 30, 2012


One line poem and photos by Ester Spears. Click on an image to see it a bit bigger. Canon 5D c/w EF 50mm f1.4USM 1/2000 th @ f8 (it’s been a crap summer so far)

Night Surf and Shite Hawks

July 12, 2011


Now that the dust has settled from the Nightsurf event and I’ve managed to get a couple of goods nights recovery sleep under my belt, I must admit to still feeling quite euphoric. Which is quite unusual for me. It’s contest like no other and without being too much of a corporate arse licker, I […]

Skyrattus alive and well in Devon

June 6, 2011


Some people hate foxes because they eat their chickens or rip up their bin bags, others hate squirrels because they eat all the nuts from the bird table. We in Ilfracombe hate seagulls, or more specifically Herring Gulls because they swoop and steal your chips. The Herring gull (Larus argentatus also known as skyrat here […]