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Holga portraits at Quik Pro Junior

September 2, 2011


I am really enjoying using the ‘hit and miss’ Holga lens at the mo. The exposures are all over the shop, and the focus is agricultural – to say the least but, the massive vignetting and softness force you into a different mindset to get a result. The technique I have developed so far is […]

Holga Self

August 31, 2011


A profile picture is an essential item in these days of facewank, fantasy profile  and twitter. And whilst I have the lovely photo of my daughter and me taken by her, at arms length, on my much-neglected facebook page, my twitter pic, taken by the excellent photographer and friend Rob Tibbles for an interview in […]

First impressions of little Holga

July 22, 2011


Having spent a small fortune on acquiring fast aperture, L glass for my Canon cameras it was a bit of a surprise to me when I impulsively bought a crappy little plastic lens with a tiny f8 hole. Maybe it’s a mid life crisis, (what another one? – surely not) or just a desperate attempt […]