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Day tripping Lundy dreaming

May 26, 2017


Maytime, the early boat from Bideford, despite getting up at minus-saturday to make the 8am sailing you are rewarded with a few extra hours of island time. The weather, the fresh late spring easy and an Lundy first timer all make for a magical encounter, these shots from the full frame and standard lens have […]

Oktober Projeckt: Surf

October 1, 2016


One photo every day in Oktober; scroll down for latest image.  Click to engorge. I haven’t taken many photos lately. Much to my shame: Work and other commitments have got in the way of ‘my essential contentment of futile wanderings’ with the camera. So, to try to re-ignite the flame ( & justify the purchase […]

Calendar 2015

January 3, 2015


Due to various circumstances, mainly a combination of apathy and lack of time, I didn’t do a calendar this year. However with a bit of spare time on my hands at the moment due to some unexpected cracked ribs, I’ve had a trawl through all the photos ‘what I took’ in 2014 and picked out […]

Winter Wandering on Exmoor

January 23, 2014


A chance meeting, some like-minded friends and living in one of the most awesome places on planet earth conspired to a fabulous day out exploring Exmoor today. Thanks to the knowledge and skill of Neil Osmond, we travelled to places on ‘the moor’ that I have never seen in 35 years of living in this […]

Planet. Future. Choice. Death.

January 18, 2014


The high tides and recent storm have washed alot of debris on to our beach, a staggering amount of it was small pieces of plastic. Today the local community rallied together to clean up the beach, which is such an important resource to everyone, in astonishing numbers. Who said there was no such thing as […]

We watched the wheeling harbingers of an apocalyptic fate for mankind.

June 30, 2012


One line poem and photos by Ester Spears. Click on an image to see it a bit bigger. Canon 5D c/w EF 50mm f1.4USM 1/2000 th @ f8 (it’s been a crap summer so far)

Wasting away

May 25, 2012


Wasting away I wrote a poem about my unrequited love And they told me I was clever. I tried to sell my picture to the journal And they told me they would never Pay me, oh no. Here I sit Wasting away. Drinking champagne and happy in my furrow. Oh no, Wasting away and waiting […]