Castles & Champions in Chilly Caithness. (Easter in Scotland part 1).

Posted on April 23, 2017


Back once again for the Scottish Championships. Lady at the Europcar desk says. “I’m afraid your Corsa 1.2 isn’t available. Hope you don’t mind that we’ve upgraded you to a Jeep Renegade!” Dont mind too much, I guess….

(Apologies in advance if there are too many smug photos of the renegade master; just practising taking pictures of cars..).

Easter in the far north of Scotland is meant to be warming up a bit, but at least there were waves. After two long and cold days, champions were crowned and toasted, and it was time to explore the stunning

Caithness countryside.

Dunnet Beach

Castle May

Castle May, walled garden.

John O’Groats tourist trap.

East coast harbour

Joey Portrait.

Doer upper.

Sunshine to snow.

And back again, Ceanabeinne.

Jeep on tour.

Kezzla Portrait.




Now go and open the photos on a bigger screen.

Still Canon after all these years.

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