#AP17 (Autumn Projeck 2017)

Posted on September 20, 2017


Use hashtag #AP17, the Autumn Projeck – for all people on Planet Earth who take still photographs. Capture that moment and post it on yer blog or instagram using the hashtag #AP17 and the rest of the community will be able to find you. Relax, it’s only for fun, all welcome, even yer Mum. And yer face.

My Story: I’m a North Devon based photohog, I used to work for a surf mag and (reluctantly) do a few weddings. I’m now a gardener and love the outdoors, my current photography direction/passion could be described dirty landscape but I love the challenge of taking ‘pictures that say something’ of almost anything… (except cats). Recently I’ve lost my mojo a bit, I haven’t posted much for various personal reasons, but the terrible end-of-summer weather has to take some of the blame.

So, join me in the search for some confidence and energy; the only way back is to take more photos. Full stop. Stop the malaise, move on, forward,  onward, take more photos, #takemorephotos

Suggested autumnal themes; changing trees, decay, rutting stags, wind, clouds, dark evenings, bonfires, migrating birds, hats, rain & of course the on-going theme known as Fence Friday #fencefriday

If you are on a laptop at work or tablet at home, click on it and make it big – please, it’s the way the photograph was meant to be viewed.

September 19th.

Starting in familiar surroundings at home: Doctors Steps, sunset. (Yesterday was better apparently).

23rd Sept. Spent the weekend in Newquay, Cornwall for the English Interclubs. Congratulations to the TR7 crew for steaming it again (for their third consecutive victory) and also congratulations to the Woolacombe womens team who won their category, whoop whoop! Here’s a pic of Alex Townsend surfing for Croyde SC and enjoying the warm up on Saturday morning, before the event had started, taken on Fuji XT-2 with 400mm (jpeg straight outa cam ….ption.) Stoked that the frame before this one has just been published in Carve Magazine; first victory for the Fuji..

26th Sept.
My Garden in post summer decay..

Saturday 7th October

Back to the Island.

October 8th 2017

Birthday Self Portrait

October 9th

Tibbetts plumbing

October 10th

I’m on Lundy for my birthday….

October 11th

There are three lighthouses on Lundy; north , south and Old Light (Tribute).

October 12th

Gannets Combe – Eastside #Lundy

October 13th

Choppers boat – seal watching.

October 14th

Portrait: DaveO, sun on his back, watching seals near north light.

October 15th

Golden brown texture like sun

October 16th

Eastside, from the pier #Tibbetts

October 17th

Just spent the weekend in Cornwall at the BUCS surfing champs (put some stuff up on Insta –  follow me esterspears) and now sorting through my #Lundy pix. I really love this one. View from the landing jetty towards North Devon. “Leave all your shit behind and get back to basics on an island without internet and even phone signal & electricity, if you tread the wild path.”

October 24th. Two big storms in a row have blown all the leaves off the trees before their golden brown moment. Constant low cloud, drizzle and the storms (one called Brian) have contributed to low expectations about this years autumn projeck #AP17. While we wait fro some light here’s a shot from the Lundy trip that I call ‘Rat Island’.


October 31st. All Hallows Eve


November 2nd. Ferns in the woods


November 5th. Woolacombe 4.30pm

Wooly sunset_EST1883

November 7th. Exmoor ponys on Woolacombe down


November 8th. Two pictures from the West Lyn river. Think I maybe getting closer to a photo that says ‘autumn’.


November 9th. This is weird, like sunny days in August: You wait ages for one to come along then two appear in the same fortnight… Self 2 (Shorts still on. #AP17)


November 29th. Red deer on Exmoor


November 30th. The last day of Autumn and this years Projeck. Thanks for looking. Windmill at West Down.


Click on this shit.

Canon 5D mk3 w/24 – 70mm f2.8, Fuji Xt-2 w/ 16 – 55mm f2.8 plus 100 – 400mm super tele.