Doorstep. Deer. David.

Posted on December 15, 2018


There are around one hundred Sika deer on Lundy. They are organised in family groups of ten to fifteen consisting of one stag (mature male) and the rest consisting of hinds and their offspring (calves). They are timid animals but on a small island they are easy to find and watch, especially in winter when there are less tourists and ground cover has died back. This is part of an ongoing project to photograph the deer on the doorstep at Tibbetts.


Restoration work on old quarry ruins

First sight of Tibbetts

Ferral soay sheep

They Sika him here,

they Sika him there.


The boss



Young male (or Prickett).

Who are you calling big ears?




Sunset lights up the inside of Tibbetts





XT 3 w/ 10mm to 400mm lenses

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