Merry Chrimbo 2018

Posted on December 24, 2018


Merry Christmas to all fellow bloggers and readers of this humble and a million other blogs, to everyone who is brave enough to put it out there for ‘the troll’ to feed on – we salute you!

Here’s a cheeky, red, red robin taken on a snowy spring day at Moles Chamber on Exmoor earlier in the year.

Apparently Mr Mole the farmer and/or clergyman (depending on the source of the story), was riding here many years ago, when his horse got stick in a bog and they both perished. Hence the name.

Despite this grisley tale, it’s still a wonderful walk if you need inspiration to get out on the moor after the christmas stuffing.

Whatever your faith or persuasion, I hope you and your family enjoy this holiday period, as we look forward to the days getting longer and the light returning.

Dont forget to remember that not everyone may be in the same good place as you over the holidays and sometimes it only takes a friendly chat or kind deed to help them. Look out for your friends and neighbours.

One planet. One love.


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