I remember, Septembers in love

Posted on September 15, 2021


It’s been a long old shit wave/ flat spell wait but finally, hurricane Larry delivered the goods; a classic and much fabled September swell.

What’s not to love; light winds, sunshine, easy surf and every man and his dog straining at the bit, wound up by Medina and Carissa’s ‘World ChampionsHip” display the day before.. Boomshanka

The medium ones were the runners


Georgia on my mind


Matching boards




Still plenty of ‘nearly deads’ peeps on the beach


This guy ripping


This one too



Van originals from back in the day


Plenty styling it


and Medinas








Solid as ever, the Ninja. And finally….




If you can view the photos on a big screen, it will enhance your experience.

Please feel free to use on SM, a credit to this site (photographer) is always welcome.

I’m not on Facethyme, so can someone add this link to the Boardriders page, Ta.

DM me for high res.

We’ll never surrender.




Beautiful North Devon Calendar 2022 due at the end of the month