Moor: Warts n’All

Posted on August 8, 2022


When it’s hot n’bothered and crowded with kooks, and, even your little ‘secret’ beach has been named in a Sunday supplement as a top one hundred secret beaches to escape the crowds too but, is full of Sunday supplement reading visitors in peach shorts and Waitrose attitudes. Then it’s time to escape to the roof of North Devon and wander without snarl-ups, stand-up paddle ups and on to Exmoor with some solitude and space to breathe. Funny thing is that the moor seems to be more busy outside of the six-week school-holidays than at other times of year, nothing sinister here, it’s just that families want to go to the beach.

The attraction of Exmoor in August for a photographer, is not the ticks, horse flies or snakes but the wonderfullly purple heather. ‘Elephants snatch’, in Farrow and Ball, and at the opposite end of the colour wheel to the resplendant greens of the fern and bracken. Judge me not on these experiements of colour contasts, I’m still learning.

Near Nutscale.


Pond heather.

Mossy stump.

Exmoor Cooooo

Exmoor heather (Wales in the back ground).

Jet Boy Jet Girl

Deer, heather, exmoor, mother, son, problems.

“There he is looking for a calendar shot of typical Exmoor deer in the heather’.

Hope she brought her fly spray….

Beauty and the ‘ken annoying beast of the fly.

(Love that film).


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