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Chasing shadows up on the roof

August 27, 2018


It’s ‘heather’ time on Exmoor, mid to late August, and the stags are in full, soft velvet before it imminently sheds, to reveal their battle amour and the abruptly hard new-season antlers in preparation for the autumn rut. Rut, rut, rutting. It can be a fractious and emotional time as the new flood of hormones […]

Deer on the Exmoor doorstep

January 21, 2018


The rain, drizzle & mizzle, downpours in grey sheets. On muddy paths & Flooded roads. Forcing the valiant wanderer Into pubs & lukewarm hot-tubs.   Mmmmm. Anyway. Ginuary, rest and a chance to edit some pix from 0ur last sunny day. Btw, HBC (Happy Birthday Charlotte), Wtf & BYT (Boil yer Tatties) haha. Deer on […]

The Dirty Dozen

November 27, 2015


I’m not doing a calendar this year but if I was going to…. These are the shots that might have made it on to the printed page. The blog is formatted for mobile phone use but you really need to click on the images to view on a large screen. Big is best. So without […]

The first day of spring in the highlands

April 14, 2015


Straight outa the camera, these are the jpegs of a cool ‘day off’ at the Scottish Surfing Championships, held at Thurso over Easter weekend. Congratulations to Chris Noble who retained his title under severe pressure form Scott Main. Click on the photo to view full size.

Wasting away

May 25, 2012


Wasting away I wrote a poem about my unrequited love And they told me I was clever. I tried to sell my picture to the journal And they told me they would never Pay me, oh no. Here I sit Wasting away. Drinking champagne and happy in my furrow. Oh no, Wasting away and waiting […]

Portrait landscapes

November 18, 2011


or in this case, seascapes. The pulled back line-up photo has been an industry standard since the beginning of surf photography, usually taken with a short telephoto (100mm – 200mm) but more recently with a long tom (400mm – 800mm), this has allowed enterprising fotohogs to combine the pulled-back shot with some insanely hot surfing […]

Eating Sausages

June 23, 2011


My feet tread the ladder Of a brittle spiders web. Swollen hands and bleeding feet Grab each new moment in turn With trembling disbelief. My innards gorge on themselves, Fed by doubts and insecurities. But I can’t deny the steel hook As it teases me from the shadow and Into an new dance, When I […]