Mid winter surf gold

Posted on February 13, 2011


Black and white and red all over it

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Plenty of swell around this weekend and pumping waves in north west Ireland by the looks of things. Lots of swell here in north Devon too and lots of miles clocked up by surfers and photographers alike; checking, searching and dodging the rain showers. With bad light and contrary tides I was thinking that it might be a proverbial wild goose chase, until right at the end of the day the gloom lifted a tad and the wind switched. It was like striking gold and in surf photography terms “I’m holding”! I’d like to show you here but Surf Magazines demand exclusivity, so you’ll have to wait til they turn them down… until then here’s a few that didn’t make the cut but are still quite interesting: Above a red fish at a famous north devon break and below unridden waves.