Holga Self

Posted on August 31, 2011


A profile picture is an essential item in these days of facewank, fantasy profile  and twitter. And whilst I have the lovely photo of my daughter and me taken by her, at arms length, on my much-neglected facebook page, my twitter pic, taken by the excellent photographer and friend Rob Tibbles for an interview in the local paper, was beginning to grow stale. There no reason for a supposed fotohographer to not to be able to shoot a self portrait but personally I find them quite challenging, so with nothing to do in a Newquay hotel room…..  here’s a few attempts with the hit and miss Holga (an a little insight into the bleakness of weekend stays away from home).

Holga c/w 5D


Self 11

If you are feeling depressed, clicking on the image will enlarge it and probably make you want to finish yourself off. Canon 5d c/w Holga 60mm f8