Holga portraits at Quik Pro Junior

Posted on September 2, 2011


I am really enjoying using the ‘hit and miss’ Holga lens at the mo. The exposures are all over the shop, and the focus is agricultural – to say the least but, the massive vignetting and softness force you into a different mindset to get a result. The technique I have developed so far is to a). Give yourself plenty of room for the f8 aperture with an ISO setting of 400 or above (the grainy noise sometimes adds to the holga effect). b) Manually set the shutter speed with the camera in M mode using the camera’s  inboard light meter. c)  Dont worry too much about focusing as the lens is soo soft it doesnt seem to make that much difference anyway and d0 Shoot in raw to give yourself a bit of post processing lattitude. Here are some off beat portraits from the Quiksilver KOTG final and Quik 4* ASP Pro Junior at Fistie last weekend. Clickety click on an image to make it bigger.

Canon 5D c/w Holga 60mm f8. Clickety click on an image to make it bigger.