Three degrees tour 2011 UKPST daily updates

Posted on October 1, 2011


FINAL DAY and we were greeted by a maelstrom at Rest bay, but despite the very difficult conditions there was some excellent surfing, some drama and upsets and a fairytale win for Jayce Robinson, who finally made the breakthrough with a well deserved victory. Beth Mason kept her cool to do the job in the Womens final while all others lost their heads and Elliot Dudley annihilated the opposition in the SUP final with a breathtaking display of physical fitness. This is the last update of the 2011 tour de mayhem, two countries and a principality, well over 2,000 miles, more fried breakfasts than are healthy but some great waves and good times and vibes with the uk surfing family. See you next year


DAY EIGHT, hard day in the judging cabin today, strong winds, crappy surf and lots of waves ridden. A massive entry of groms for the under 12’s and it was good to see stoked faces and enthusiasm from the youngsters. Liam Murray-Stroud took the win again with some every mature rail surfing – what a prospect he is. Miles Lee- Hargreaves took the under sixteen title in a hard fought battle with Max Payne and Stuey Campbell came out on top of a talent filled Pro Junior final.

DAY SEVEN, two thousand miles done and here in Porthcawl, the surf’s 3 foot at rest and cross/ onshore. Draw is going up on the UK Pro Surf Tour website soon. Check in tomorrow at Rest Bay 8.30, Top 32 of the open will surf on Sunday.

DAY SIX, great night out with the contest crew last night and a great band playing traditional violins in the Commercial bar. Cold morning and the winds wasn’t as strong as forecast so we had a quick surf and then headed south for the long trip to Wales.

DAY FIVE, grey and overcast but the wind had changed and we arrived to a crowded and pumping Thurso East at 7.30am to set up the event and rock n’roll. There was an immediate problem with freesurfers, the first heat experienced some verbals and Oli Adams got burned so badly taking off deep on a set wave by what turned out to be an australian surfer. The heat was suspended for a short while but Oli failed to recover and was eliminated. The freesurfers gradually dwindled and our aussie friend sculked away up the river failing to join us in the car park to watch the rest of the action. Local boy Chris Noble, just home after a month off shore,  gained a lot of respect by  sharing his line up with the contest and being the perfect gentleman allowing competitors to get waves but picking up on some sets that were not wanted. The man has got this place wired and gave text book display of how to ride the barrel at Thurso. Heat of the day was quarter final number two involving Russ Winter, Tom Butler, Alan Stokes and Luis Eyre when the swell was at it’s peak in the six to eight feet range. Butts pulled some swooping man sized hacks with all the grace of a swan in full flight while Stoksey posted the highest scoring wave of the day linking together some death defying floaters and about warp factor 8; to take first and second respectively –  knocking out the ratings leader Russ and the dark horse danger kid Luis. The final was a cagey affair and the now onshore wind made it more difficult by gently  folding down the open faces, Micah sealed a deserved victory by smashing the biggest wave ridden in the heat and half Scots/ half frechman Gordon Fontaine got second, just edging him to the top of the ratings.


1. Micah Lester 2. Gordon Fontaine 3. Tom Butler 4. Sam Lamiroy 5. Reubin Pearce, Stuart Campbell 7. Alan Stokes, Jayce Robinson

Ratings after Relentless Super Series Thurso

1. Gordon Fontaine 2. Russ Winter 3. Micah Lester 4. Sam Lamiroy 5. Reubin Pearce 6. Stuart Campbell 7. Richard Sills 8. Oli Adams

DAY FOUR, a late start and a leisurely breakfast was just what the doctor ordered as was feeling dog tired after what has seemed like an eternity on the road (although my roomate, Nick Williams, the commentator, was up at the crack of dawn hunting down some sheltered lefts). Wind was the bogey man today with gusts ripping the tops off the waves although Sandside showed good shape all day, the sets were the key to unlocking a big score and experience played it’s part with manoeuvre selection. Highlights of the day were: Matt Capels’ freeflowing surfing topped off with a clean backhand barrel, Gordon Fontaines’ controlled power and Russell Winters’ consummate display wearing the leaders green jersey and besting Stoksey & Butts. First placers go directly to round 3 while second and thirds will meet in round 2. Some heavy rail laid down by the boys today and a great start to the Relentless Super Series, with the forecast of five star Thurso East tomorrow there’s sure to be more as the contenders go for broke and a handle on the £5,000 prize pot.

DAY THREE, after a lovely drive over the Cairngorms we finally arrived in Thurso around lunchtime. The surf was small and perfect but the sky was purple and a rainstorm was on the horizon. The rain came with the wind and after the rain has gone it left a beautiful blue sky but an increasingly blustery wind. The swell started to pick up and we went to look for some shelter, tramping across the heather we came across hidden coves, diving ganets, seals and a sheep that was eating seaweed. Clickety click to make it sick.

Thurso East

Check in

Windy Sandside

Very windy sandside


Thurso town

It's a sign



Boat house


Seal bay

another peak

Sunbathing seals

Swimming seals


Salty mutton

DAY TWO, started sunny but got overcast very quickly  with a few big drops of rain heralding the end of the Indian summer, good job too coz we all got burnt yesterday anyway. The tide dropped out and a few lines corrugated the glassy calm. As usual it was the frothing groms who couldn’t wait to go out and test the conditions but to no avail. Contest binned and points and prize money was shared. As I write we’re on our way north to Thurso (Sunday evening) with rumours of big swells ahead, the leaves are warm-lager coloured, the temperature is dropping and the air is moist with rain and anticipation. (Click on the pix to make them fix)

DAY ONE: After a long journey up from Devon yesturday in the scorching heat it was a

Beautiful day here in Scarborough, flat as a pan cake but if it’s gonna be flat you might as well be at the beach anyway: Click on the images to make them BIGGER

Ester is travelling with the Canon 5d, 24-70mm L f2.8, 70-200mm L f2.8, 1.4x converter & Metz 54 Flash gun