Pink Lundy

Posted on May 31, 2021


Lundy in the unseasonably cold month of May and it’s full of the bells, the blue bells (as witnessed in the previous post) but not just them. There is also another harbinger of summer;  the iconic coast-path flower, sea thrift, the prettiest pink ever. Also known as sea pinks, or the cliff rose, cushion pinks, sea gillyflower, lady’s cushion or whatever you call this tough but delightful cliff top pom pom. There was an abundance on the island’s west facing coast, which adds a pink foreground to the many nesting black and white birds, puffins, guillemot and razorbills. While the backdrop is the greeny/ blue and frothing Atlantic ocean. So thankful for these few hours, perched on a windy cliff face, watching nature in all its splendour and horror trying to create a few images that tell the tale.

Isn’t she, pretty in pink.

Shorts, coat, sun burnt, gloves. May 2021

Westside pink.

Razor pink.

Guillemot skills.

The ever present Lesser blackback prowling wolf.

Razorbill asks for more saturation but doesn’t understand about blacks.

Puffin surprise.

Chat and gossip, the fluff of life.

Wouldn’t it be nice to get on with your neighbours

Really like how the emptiness on the left will upset some, personally I think the emptiness balances the chaos

Two razorbills and a puffin

There’s cliffs and thrift, then there’s Lundy cliffs and thrift, well done me.

A shag between the rocks.

Charlie baker one clear for approach.

Razorbills courting.

Jenny’s Cove booming.

Old light gate latch. Orangy pink…..

Thank you to these two pink people, who made the trip unbearable. Haha….

Fujifilm Xt-3 w/ 200mm f2 + 1.4x

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