Portrait landscapes

Posted on November 18, 2011


or in this case, seascapes. The pulled back line-up photo has been an industry standard since the beginning of surf photography, usually taken with a short telephoto (100mm – 200mm) but more recently with a long tom (400mm – 800mm), this has allowed enterprising fotohogs to combine the pulled-back shot with some insanely hot surfing action (airs work best) giving the ever hungry viewer a good two-for-one deal. It of course takes a lot of effort to get the angles right, lots of pre planning and prep and probably a fair old yomp into the wilderness too, plus a tiny bit of luck.

Arugam Bay Wanderings Cover

Here’s another twist, pulled back action seascapes in portrait format; they are perfect for fitting onto the COVER or as stand alone single page in a picture frame. Inspired by this cover shot of Stuey busting one in front of Morte stone (600mm, taken last autumn and used on the front of the ‘Essential Contentment of Futile Wanderings’ book) and my favourite shot of Arugam Bay (135mm) – I have been practising at Croyde with the brief of having some 1. hot surfing action in a 2. nice line-up shot with some interesting features of Baggy point as the 3. back drop. Some work, some just miss it and some are plain crap but all are still worth the inclusion to show the process. Let me know which ones you like.

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Canon 1D mk2 /600mm f4 IS

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