Sick and tired of being sick and tired

Posted on January 31, 2012



Happy New Year blogsters! Well January is almost out and last year has finally been put to bed with the ceremonial paying of tax bills and the christmas credit card. I’ve been laying low (which is normally the way I like to lay) recharging the batteries after what was a hectic and draining end to the year what with all the emotional turmoil of the ‘holidays‘ to add to the turmoil of working like a dog for most of the autumn. The main thing keeping my interest through January (along with winter walks and endless staring at a flat/ onshore/ generally shite, ocean) has been my boyhood passion of association football.

There’s been some great games and as always plenty of controversies and drama to keep the conversation and debate going on in the pub. What a great sport footie is, full of passion and skill, played at the top level by men and women at the peak of fitness and with tactical nous.  The same qualities apply to all good sports, rugby, cricket, basketball and even contest surfing to name but a few. This being Olympic year, sport is going to be a major topic of media interest and inevitably we all be saturated with all the bollocks that goes with hosting the ‘festival of sport’  that is the Olympics. I pity the poor Londoners who have to put up with all the shite, the delays and disruption that the security and traffic will inevitably lead to. Seriously though, what is the Olympics all about? Surely it’s just a glorified school sports day! Running and jumping is not a sport – it is training for a sport, and it’s boring too, (almost as bad as tennis or bat bat as I like to call it).

Oh, well, it is easily understood and understood by the easily pleased, so who am I to have an opinion that is different from the herd. Talking about photography, I have taken two photos this January and they probably sum up the month quite well. See y’all next month, which has been designated for the leaping and the hopelessly romantic.

Raggedy FlagGul


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Canon 5D c/w 70-200mm f2.8 IS

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