A Post about a Post

Posted on July 18, 2012


The right

I don’t know why but photographing this place has become a bit of an obsession of mine. Maybe it is because I had so much fun here in the eighties, when there were a lot less surfers around and getting it with just one or two mates out was not unusual, especially during the week. I’ve been banging on about line-up shots in previous posts (mainly this one; Golden Wanderings,) – the new challenge is getting some fresh surf action shots that are not so anonymous as the normal shots you see from the rivermouth. The first attempt is above; a pulled back shot of the right hander. Classically composed using the ‘rule of thirds’ (for all you student fotohogs) but somehow it just does not scream out at you – maybe being pulled back too much, it is neither a line up or action shot. It’ll probably make a nice screen saver and needs to be viewed on a large canvas, click on it and see what you think, but also notice the channel marker (that post sticking up in the middle of the shot).

The problem with shooting surfers on the wave face at this place is that there is no background or foreground so you have to rely on supper hot action and good light.

Sequence 1.

Pole 1

Laugh your chuffing head off! After some precarious rock climbing with a tripod and a bloody buggar heavy 12 pound 600mm f4, (setting up between the rain showers), using the stunning 1000′ cliffs bas a backdrop and with the incredible aerial antics of local surfer Stuart Campbell, the law of sod still applies: The post that was meant to give some foreground perspective (not) got in the bleddy way! FFS!


And then:

and a back page spread in the latest Carve Magazine, cheers.


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Canon 7D c/w 600mm f4 IS = 960mm