Septembers in love

Posted on October 5, 2012



After an awful summer there was a palpable feeling of relief here in North Devon when the school holidays were over and things became less hectic, on the roads, in the pub and in the water. The water is still warm and there is an almost romantic attachment to September, in that everyone looks forward to having time to grab a few waves without the hordes of tourists clogging up the line up and that, just maybe, there will be an indian summer where all the locals can enjoy our wonderful part of the country without the pressures of the ‘six weeks’.

Like all relationships September promises all, but rarely delivers and this year she kept us dangling with a hint of a fine spell and a teaser small clean swell to get the blood pumping. These photos are from one afternoon at Croyde, early September with a host of frothing locals. Click on the pictures to make them bigger then navigate back to the gallery for the rest.

Canon 7D, 600mm f4 IS