Break 5 dance in Bamburgh

Posted on October 5, 2012


The concept is brilliant, take a bunch of mates from a local beach to a stunning location, feed, water and pamper them so that they can surf and party their nuts off. The Red Bull Break 5 has slowly become the benkmark for all good party and surf weekends with the winning teams getting an all expenses paid trip and surf superstar status with an article in Carve magazine. This years trip headed up north to Northumberland and the spectacular Bamburgh castle, there was just one missing ingredient. It’s such a shame that with the surf industry on it’s knees and unable to sponsor events that such a willing sponsor had no surf for it’s prime surf set piece, but what can you do. We are all in the hands of mother nature.

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Canon 7D & 5D c/w 70-300 & 24-70.