I was wrong

Posted on January 18, 2013


Morte Point

I admit it, there I said it. Yesterday, I said that there might be some snow today but it would soon melt and turn to rain as a warm front came in from the west and raised temperatures. But I was wrong.

On a hill

It was true for Cornwall about a hundred miles away but here in North Devon cold gusting winds from the east persisted all day making the roads difficult with drifting snow. I tried twice to get to work at Coulsworthy (on the edge of Exmoor) but was thwarted firstly by abandoned cars at Mullicott and then by a Gritting Lorry that had gone into a ditch on the way to Combe Martin.

Estpix 1301

However it’s always nice to have a day off, although it was slightly tainted by the fact I was wrong and left me with a uneasy feeling that if I was wrong once, then dear Watson, it opens up the possibility that I could have also been wrong in the past…..

Estpix 1302

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Canon 5D c/w 24-70mm f2.8