Wishing you an Early Spring Projeckt 21

Posted on March 10, 2021


Your mum’s an early spring project.

As lockdown eases, especially at weekends with the Swindon hordes descending on our beautiful beatch, I’m taking my exercise along the old ways of the parish to avoid the crowds. First spring has come, a welcome visitor, as it often does in the doldrums of February, and we look forward to second and third spring, sometime in May maybe, and after we have had snow on a bank holiday. Who knows what will happen to the weather but we sure know the climate is changing before our very eyes… This is a document of February and March (what we used to call early spring) , new photos every few days, weather and work dependant, check back and see the latest images if you can be arsed.

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Mist at Mill Rock



Sunset clouds over Baggy

_DSF5195_estpix 2021


Big swell in the Bay

_DSF5227_estpix 2021


That day when there was a fog bank down the channel, (Morte point; half in, half out).

_DSF5223_estpix 2021


Sapling beech tree shinning bright amongst the deadwood.

_DSF5251_estpix 2021 INSTA


The wandering earth herself may be

Only a sudden flaming word,

In clanging space a moment heard,

Troubling the endless reverie

W. B. Yeats

_DSF5257_estpix 2021 INSTA


The long and winding road to Bennets Mouth, secret beach, secret water stop for U-boats previously. 

_DSF5308_estpix 2021 INSTA


The spring sun is setting closer to Lundy Island on the horizon everyday, a minuscule daily reminder that the earth is still spinning and we are a very tiny part of this universe despite the greed, hate and selfishness on the planet.

_DSF5331_estpix 2021 INSTA


This is my house in Woolacombe underneath a lovely pink cloud..

_DSF5342_estpix 2021


Haha, fooled you. This is actually my house in Woolacome, it’s a bit of a doer-upper… (Exmoor)

_DSF5349_estpix 2021


Fire in the sky, Baggy Point. #sunsetprojeckt21

_DSF5393_estpix 2021


After sunset projeckt:  Soft and subtle purples, or is it mauve? Or lilac? Lavender? Violet? Amethyst? Or if you’re currently looking at the Farrow and Ball catalogue; Bellend Mist….

_DSF5401_estpix 2021W


Claire, your tree looked amazing last night,


Lundy dreaming, if you look closely – you can see Tibbetts!!   


Sunset dogging.


Exmoor. Moss. Beech. Love it.


My second favourite bench looks north to the valley of the rocks and beyond to Countisbury. Here I am lazily sat on it, eating spicy sausage (mother!), while the light plays across the calm bays, highlighting all those fabulous shades of a pale colour that lays between yellow and red on the spectrum that I used to call light brown but, which is apparently called so many different things these days. So, in the spirit of Farrow and Ball, I’m gonna call that colour; not reindeer breath, dogpoo sunset or even toad surprise but (drum roll) …….. well dead bracken. End of winter colours with a slight hint of spring greens starting to entice the palate ….


Last pic of this project and the weather has changed. It was surprisingly cold this evening (and has been all day) as I walked out to check the sunset vibes. Hail, rainbows, cold wind and the last hoorah; dirty clouds over baggy.


Thanks for watching, please check back at your pleasure to see more. 





Next post will be some photos and story line held back on a commission for Carve Magazine about the North Devon surfing legend that is Eric Davies, check back soon ……..



Fuji XH-1, XT-3 & some glass