Sundown session with the local boys

Posted on February 19, 2013


W180213Estpix19 - Copy

Mid winter and the rain that started last summer has finally stopped leaving us with some fine weather, it might be cold but after the hell of the past 9 months, it’s very welcome. Finally some nice light! I dusted off a few of the cameras and the big tom to see if it still worked and shot this late afternoon, neap tide, combesgate session with just the local crew out.

W180213Estpix02 - Copy W180213Estpix01 - Copy W180213Estpix15 - Copy W180213Estpix21 - Copy W180213Estpix16 - Copy W180213Estpix13 - Copy W180213Estpix25 - Copy W180213Estpix12 - Copy W180213Estpix08 - Copy W180213Estpix11 - Copy

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Canon EOS 7D c/w 600mm f4 IS on Manfrotto 501 fliud drive head.

Update: 7D and 5D sold and am currently playing with a 5D mk3; pix coming soon.