Rhenish tower and storm waves

Posted on January 6, 2014


The bouys were going ballistic; pumping out all time numbers; 30 foot at 12 seconds. It was possibly the most anticipated swell of the social media age. The images and footage will keep us entertained through the dark days of January especially ‘depression monday’, ‘bankrupt tuesday’ and (my favourite) ‘alcoholic wednesday’. But anyway, this is what happened when the swell of the decade reached our little piece of secluded coast. The Rhenish Tower on Lynmouth harbour is probably 30 foot tall and was originally built to pump saltwater to a private bath c1860, when, interestingly it was considered as an eyesore (sorta like windturbines are today..). It was severely damaged in the 1952 flood and was rebuilt in 1954. You can click on the picture to make it look better if you want to.

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Surfing pix to come when Sharpy has told me which ones he wants….

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