January Projeck

Posted on January 1, 2014


One photo, everyday, in the bleak mid-winter; it’s not gonna be pretty. It will certainly test the low light capabilities of the 5D mk3 (and it’s weatherproofing).  Scroll down for latest picture then click on it to make it h- yeew-ge.

Wednesday 1st


View of Woolacombe from Morte Point.

Thursday 2nd


Chickens in the yard, Longlands.

Friday 3rd


Cleaned up lines of storm swell sweep onto Sillery Sands, North Devon.

Saturday 4th


At last some light! Baggy Point

Sunday  5th


It’s rained all day today. Morte Point

Monday 6th


Multiple European Longboard Champ, Ben ‘Skindog’ Skinner; Stormriding, Devon.

Tuesday 7th


Back to work today, with some nice winter sunshine to lubricate the grindstone.

Winesday 8th


Weak winter sun at the ‘tree by the river’.

Thirstday 9th


Woodland walk, Exmoor.

Friday 10th


Tribute to Kevin Beresford (photographer, publisher of the calendar of Redditch roundabouts and founder member of  the Roundabout Appreciation Society*). This is Mullacott Roundabout.

*As of 2013, the association is reportedly trying to attract more women members, by putting a windmill on the front cover of its calendar.

Saturday  11th


Not another bloody sunset? Sorry but you dont see many of them at  this time of year.

Sunday 12th


View of rainy Woolly from a cleaner, more sheltered & manageable place

Monday 13th


The rain soaked Red Barn. (Bit of a cheat today: was soo busy at work and then it rained all afternoon, so I re-shot yesterdays pic coz it was easy from my window and added another from Sundays walk on the beach above). Sorry, I wont happen again….

Tuesday 14th


Not often seen on bird feeders but this Nuthatch is enjoying some, umm, nuts. A timely reminder that the RSPB garden bird survey is just around the corner (25th/26th Jan) more details at their website: http://www.rspb.org.uk/

Wednesday 15th – half way.


Lunch date with my favourite girl (& her new 70D + 40mm pancake combo).

Thursday 16th


F yeew nice ones this morning before the wind came up #nobodyout

Friday 17th


Along with the sunshine, there has to be a little rain sometimes. Saunton

Saturday 18th


Woolacombe beach clean. Insert coins

Sunday 19th


Rainbow at Crow Point

Monday 20th


Exmoor winter sunrise.

Tuesday 21st


“See how they wheel and bank and glide, perfect, all in one”. Verity, Ilfracombe.

Wednesday 22nd


Hope springs eternal that spring might have sprung. Snowdrops, Georgeham.

Thursday 23rd


Fab day out on ‘the moor’ today, for more pix check-out my blog Winter Wandering on Exmoor

Friday 24th


It rained all day today but had a fun night out in Barney to celebrate Gary’s birthday. This is him as a tree, lonely & desolate, slowly getting older and older..

Saturday 25th


Shoe tree, Ilfracombe skate park.

Sunday 26th


Dramatic light over Baggy Point

Monday 27th


It rained all day again today, there was a brief respite as the sun set and the sky was a flame but I was sat in my car at the time coming home from work, so. Today it was down to the Esplanade and me hanging on to my tripod in the teeth of a strong onshore gusting wind to get this light trail.

Tuesday 28th


Tyre tracks at work today.

Wedsnesday 29th


It’s coming to the end of the January projeck and as traditional, it’s time, with dread, to attempt a self portrait. The much maligned selfie has connotations of gurning teenagers & bathroom underwear, so in an attempt to claw back the credibility of the selfie , I wanted to go back to first principles and this morning, at work, a few things came together and encouraged me to set up the tripod. Baggy point, my rake, some surf and a green bin; is a crap title but please be kind as I find this area of photography (portraiture) the most difficult..

Thursday 30th


Lunch at the Black Venus Inn today. (Place mat detail)

Friday 31st


Well that’s the end of the January Projeck; it’s been emotional and perhaps this last photo sums up the month & my experience. It was taken (hand held) in near pitch black this evening and shows a flooded road.. For the fotohogs of you out there here is the shooting information:

Canon EOS 5D mk lll, Firmware 1.2.3, Shooting date time 31/01/2014 18.47.51*, Mode Aperture priority AE, Shutter speed 0.8, Aperture 2.8, Metering Evaluative, Compensation 0, ISO 6400, Lens EF 24-70mm f/2.8L ll USM, Focal length 28mm. (* not adjusted for BST, so this equates to 10 to 6)( o’clock).

Which just goes to show that the star of the JP has been the Mark three, probably the second best camera Canon has ever made………

Kung Hey Fat Choi! Happy Chinese New Year!

Canon 5D mk3 w/ EF24-70mm f2.8 L ll, EF15mm 2.8 fisheye, EF70-300mm f4-5.6 L IS, & EF600mm f4 L IS ll (& iphone 4).