Velvet Undercover – Sweet Devon

Posted on August 14, 2014



An impromptu visit to the moor on the way to a surprise birthday bash and we stumble into these two beauties, in velvet, wow, grazing in sheep pasture (ooops – bloody buggers, I’m sure they didn’t eat much, Mr Psychopath Subsidy-Farmer ). It’s typical isn’t it, you’ve starved yourself all day and are gagging for a beverage and The Photo Opportunity Of The Year presents itself through the hedge! Mazeballs. Only got a few shots because I was so hungry, anyway – hope you enjoy, as always click on the pic and it becomes so much better (bigger).


Thanks Christel & Neil for taking us to a wonderfully peaceful little ‘hideaway’ place and a bottle of bubbly to take the edge off it (the hunger that is) and thanks to Bugsie for having a birthday when the light is so wonderful. (Not too sure if that’s a thank you to Bugsie or to Bugsies’ mum, (& dad obviously), (despite the rumours). (Omg). (Edit in the morning…)


As always my guide was the indomitable and knowledgeable guide, Neil Osmond from Experience Exmoor (check out his website and go on a tour – you wont regret it).

Canon 5D mk3 w/ 24-70mm L f2.8 & 70-300mm L DO IS LOL OMG YO BLUD Come on you Reds