Autumnk Projeck

Posted on September 30, 2014


To map the autumn here in North Devon 2014: Every week I will post one photo and some or no words to compliment the image, or not as the case may be. No GPS location or technical detail. Images posted mid-week, click on the image to make it bigger & sexier. Scroll down for latest image and thanks for coming back, cheers!

September 23rd


Equinox sunset over Lundy

30th September


Spotted this mahoosive chestnut ‘on the turn’ through a gap in the hedge, Exmoor.

October 3rd


Evening lit muscles clinging to rocks in the surf

Ocktober 8th


Stormy sunset over Morte Point (Click).

October 14th


Exmoor pony in the rain.

October 21st


Pampass grass swinging in the wind.

28th October


It’s been grey and stormy lately, but occasionally some light pokes it’s head out amongst the showers.

November 4th


Looking from Coulsworthy down to Combe Martin

The eleventh of the eleventh and with deep respect to those that gave everything so that we can still vote in a democracy.


Beech leaves

19th November


After a grey cloudy morning and a rainy afternoon, the sun finally made a brief appearance through a crack in the gloom.

23rd November


Shit just got weird.

30th November


New moon over Baggy

3rd December


Dec 8th


Baggy Point, Autumnk Projeck sunset.

Dec. 17th


Silver surfer, Woolacombe.

23rd December


The winter solstice has come and gone so, Autumnk is officially over for another year. This picture of Woolacombe beach was taken in February 2007, and I thought would be an adpt sign off. Wishing all my readers and fellow bloggers a very merry Christmas and a peaceful and surf-filled new year. I thank you.



When I started this assignment, back in September, I envisaged pictures of frosty mornings, misty landscapes and storms. Instead we’ve had a really mild autumn with blue skies and the occasional rainstorm, latterly it’s got really stormy but work has hindered my shooting. I’m gonna shoot up until the winter solstice to complete the projeck and then make some plans to shoot some surfing. Cold water surfing has come back into fashion and what better place to search for some winter surfing pictures than North Devon.  I’m looking for a few local surfers to work with over this period (Jan/Feb/Mar), so if you are interested – get in touch.

Here’s some technical info; most images shot with Canon 5D mk3 w/ EF 24-70mm f2.8 L ll