In the calm before the storm

Posted on February 13, 2016


It was back to Tibbetts at the beginning of February and instead of the hoped-for snow, the weather was mild and damp. While storm Imogen was still clearing her throat and hitching up her skirts out in the mid-atlantic, we went for a mini yomp north of the three quarter wall in the calm before the storm. Our resident deer stalker, David of the Oddy, soon sniffed out this stag and his parcel of lovely hinds. We had encounters with them throughout the morning before they finally ran off in the direction of the old light. Result. (Click on the pix to make them awesome).

Estpix_Feb16 Lundy007 Estpix_Feb16 Lundy004 Estpix_Feb16 Lundy003 Estpix_Feb16 Lundy005

Estpix_Feb16 Lundy015 Estpix_Feb16 Lundy011 Estpix_Feb16 Lundy022 Estpix_Feb16 Lundy024 Estpix_Feb16 Lundy023 Estpix_Feb16 Lundy021 Estpix_Feb16 Lundy013 Estpix_Feb16 Lundy025 Estpix_Feb16 Lundy020 Estpix_Feb16 Lundy018 Estpix_Feb16 Lundy027

Estpix_Feb16 Lundy034 Estpix_Feb16 Lundy036 Estpix_Feb16 Lundy039 Estpix_Feb16 Lundy035 Estpix_Feb16 Lundy033 Estpix_Feb16 Lundy038

Estpix_Feb16 Lundy031 Estpix_Feb16 Lundy041 Estpix_Feb16 Lundy040 Estpix_Feb16 Lundy043

Estpix_Feb16 Lundy044 Estpix_Feb16 Lundy045 Estpix_Feb16 Lundy046

Canon 7D mk2 w/ 70-300mm f4-5.6 L IS handheld (Giving 112-480mm options)

Knee pads, waterproof trousers, elbow pads, old coat, old friends  & old pulteney

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