Can you smell carrots.

Posted on January 11, 2016


These are some pix from early February 2009. To my recollection that was the last time there was actually snow on the beach. With all this talk of immanent snow after a very mild  (but wet) winter so far, it’s nearly seven years to the day since these photos were taken. {jazz hands} Spooky….

Beach Rd_Estpix09_39 Woolly_Eastpix09_59 Woolly_Eastpix09_48 Baggy_Estpix09_13 Woolly_Eastpix09_63 Beach Rd_Estpix09_22 Teasel_Estpix09_42 Birds_Estpix_094 South St_Estpix09_43 Smell carrots2_Estpix09_49 Beach Rd_Estpix09_19 Barton Rd_Estpix09_45 Beach Rd_Estpix09_18 Baggy_Estpix09_32 Smell carrots_Estpix09_49 Bartonj Rd_Estpix09_44 Woolly_Eastpix09_53 Morte_Estpix09_61 Baggy_Estpix09_50 Woolly_Eastpix09_47 Baggy_Estpix09_36 Morte_Estpix09_55 Woolly_Eastpix09_57 Beach Rd_Estpix09_30

Is that you with a bodyboard Arnie?

Shot on the good old 5D.

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