They call her Natasha when she looks like Elsie

Posted on May 28, 2016


From Lundy to London and the 2016 Chelsea flower show; even though Ive seen the movie, I’ve never been before. So, it was with great consternation that I and my fellow country bumsnots, trod the gold brick paths,(infested with rats) to catch the tunnel bus to the 3m acres of the Royal Hospital. The show is organised by the Royal Horticultural Society and first started in 1913, but there’s no place here for the min-skirt waddle, as it seemed that the whole of England had decided to go on the same day as us.

I am no plantsman, oh no it does not move me, but you cannot help to be astounded by the show gardens. Every one, so immaculate, they make our efforts at home seem haphazard and untidy, you know like the derelict land behind Tescos. That said, and given my total lack of show garden judging competence, it didn’t stop me from disagreeing with some of the awards. Here is the alternative snot gilts awards from Estpix Uphill Gardening & Bespoke Exmoor BBQ Furniture Co.

Favourite garden: The Morgan Stanley Garden for Great Ormond Street Hospital by Chris Beardshaw

Most thought provoking garden: The Modern Slavery Garden by Juliet Sargeant

Sadly underrated: The Husqvarna Support Garden by Charlie Albone

Here’s some photographs of fancy tricks, to get your kicks at sixty-six, tickety click on the pic to make it smell scented.

_STX2311 _STX2315 _STX2318 _STX2319 _STX2320 _STX2323 _STX2326 _STX2327 _STX2333 _STX2335 _STX2337 _STX2340 _STX2344 _STX2346 _STX2348 _STX2351 _STX2352 _STX2357 _STX2358 _STX2359 _STX2360 _STX2361 _STX2363 _STX2366 _STX2367 _STX2368 _STX2370 _STX2373 _STX2374 _STX2378 _STX2381 _STX2382 _STX2384 _STX2385 _STX2389 _STX2403

Canon 5D mk3 w/ 24-70mm f2.8 L ll & 15mm f2.8 fisheye