Castle Cottage

Posted on March 25, 2018


There are many different types of accommodation for visitors to Lundy Island. From the grandeur of Millcombe House to the stark remoteness of Tibbetts, from the romance of the Old Lighthouse to the practicality of the radio room. None however can boast a view like that from from the massive window at Castle Cottage. It also has the best view from an outside loo on the island…

1. Devils Limekiln, view from the Helicopter.


2. Arthur liked the ride, Old Lighthouse.

3. The Castle and Castle cottage.

4. Crows

5. Castle Cottage, used to be the old Post Office.

6. View of the South Light from the cottage window.

7. Window on the world.

8. Sunrise and a uplifting way to start the day.

9. Old Lighthouse glow

10. Gannet

11. Meadow Pipit

12. Gul

12. Sikka deer on the farm fields by ‘Belle Vue Cottages’

This quote from an interview is posted by the window in Castle Cottage.

“The peace of the island very important and that’s something you can only find on places like this; with no crowds, no hustle and bustle and no motor cars in particular.

Then, I think, the next advantage is the freedom of the place. Although it is an area of only a one square mile you never feel any sense of imprisonment at all. You can go just wherever you wish, you can do whatever you want to do. You havent got to ask any authority if you can do this or that or go this place or that place …

Felix Gade.


Shot with Fuji fun plus 100-400mm processed in Velvia.

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