There are, deer on the doorstep at Tibbetts, really.

Posted on March 31, 2018


“Its not a competition I know but ” what an inevitable cliché that is by the way. Anyway, ever since I first stayed at Tibbetts on Lundy and wrote the blog ‘Deer on the doorstep at Tibbetts’ (available on this TV station somewhere), I was astonished & delighted that the small herd of, normally quite shy Sika deer were brazenly grazing outside the back door at dawn and  dusk, which was wonderful but was a bit of a challenge to get a picture as I was usually on the inside looking out. Anyway, its been a mission, but finally have got something to work on, and it took a stay in Castle Cottage to get  these photos from the outside looking in. My best attempt at ‘Deer on the doorstep at Tibbetts’ so far…

There’s deer and there’s Tibbetts.

Guillemots and Razorbills stake claim to their early march ledges.

Fulmar courtship chill out.

More Guillemots and Razorbills, no Puffins yet.


Even though they hail from asia, the deer are perfectly adapted to the island

Deer on



West side

‘its up on the hill where you’ll find us’

That shit is timeless


She dont like what I do

And I don’t know what I feel no more


Usual shit.

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Fuji stuff: lightweight & it does the job.

Spring Projeck upcoming #springprojeck18

Update: These photos were taken mid-march. I believe that a few Puffins have started to arrive by the end of March.


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