Spring 18 & the last swell of winter

Posted on June 20, 2018


It was a wet winter. The Atlantic conveyor belt delivered storm after storm and rain was the major theme. Westerly winds lift moisture from the ocean and deposit it on the west coast of Europe, it also whips up swell, and for UK surfers it’s ‘The Season’. Time to skip work or raid the kids piggy bank for petrol money and explore the back beaches, reefs and points in search of waves. Here in North Devon we host one of the best left hand boulder points in the country and on the last big swell of the winter it turned on for (just) 36 explorers amidst the fog and drizzle. So stoked that Carve Magazine gave a page in their latest issue to document this piece of North Devon surfing history. As the swell stop the flowers grow and winter hangs on the cusp of spring.

Here’s the image from Carve. (Issue 187).

Woolacombe pumping.

Big but not unsurfable.

Peak at Mill Rock.

High tide at sunset.

Fence wednesday.

High tide sewer pipe slab action.

Up Combesgate valley.

Early b bells.

And smell monsters.

Spring optimism.

The mouth of Bennett.

Silver seas the other side of Morte Point.

Devon commuter traffic, (get over!)



Plenty BB’s.

Sunset lights up the southside of Baggy – it’s the start of summer…..


Get off your phone and get out there.

Mostly Fuji XT-2 w/ Mitakon 35mm f0.95


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