Chelsea pumping 2018

Posted on May 25, 2018


“Out in the fashion show, down in the bargain bin
You put your passion out under the pressure pin.” Elvis Costello

Chelsea Flower Show 2018 – view from an Oik.

And,* the garden what won it had, among other things, stinging nettles, brambles & narrow leaf; all of which are still classified as weeds on many agendas and back yards . Shock horror…. It was sort of a democracy of plants – the judges loved it (gold) even though tbh there was not much competition, and the proletariat loved it too (Peoples choice award) Wahey. I went back there three times and every time it was crowded with people of all sorts enthusing about the authenticity, the honesty and beauty of mother nature in all her/his forms. The suggestion is that, there is beauty in every single plant, every natural situation and every experience with nature.  That’s golderwang!

* That’s for you, (unnamed) English school teacher who said I would never write – you were right! Haha, far too many pics on this one but just persevere; there are some classics.

If you’re viewing on a phone or tablet please scroll to the bottom and go to the full, cranky. site version, then click on the pix you like to fill your screen with Chelsea joy. Thanks for watching, as ever, and keep taking photos.


On the river (the night before),

Chelsea driftwood

Yorkshire garden fans

RHS members day

Garden Terrace

Early doors

No seats

Lundy boat

Your people, my people

Rusty bottom

Lets grow



Taller than the rest; problem for pant puchases but advantage at rhs chelsea.



Photographer 2


Where’s the loo?

Its over there

I cant believe they’ve put Joe Root down to 3.

Root at three, you’re kidding me….

Burnt Iris

“You see those stinging nestles over there, that’s what poor people have in their garden.


Caribbean gardens – full of fire in the main tent.

Roses. Everyone’s fav..

full of scent and nostalgia.

Grasping hands.



Sans rust,

Helpful advice


Fox and Lupes……..

I’m from Canada…

Chelsea royal hospital



Banana man

Tube stop

Tube go


Fuji XT 2 w/ Mikaton f0.95 manual focus 35mm baby

Other Chelsea

Oh no, etc, etc