OktobeR Projeck Plus 2018

Posted on October 4, 2018



Welcome to Autumn: Juicy apples, grumpy wasps, rusty leaves, rutting deer, mellow fruitfulness, misty valleys, chilly mornings and melancholy sunsets full of barred clouds blooming in the soft-dying sky. A collection of photos from Autumn 2018 #OktobeRProjeck2018 updated frequently.

The last sunset over Lundy of the year.

Dark skies blooming.

Exmoor golden hour._DSF7703OktobeR Estpix 18

Red Deer beneath Dunkery._DSF7692OktobeR Estpix 18_1

Heading down for the last one before sunset. October 10th._EST7719OktobeR surferEstpix 18

Fistie, massive & a student who wants to take on the world._EST7728

Nice to get home after a hectic weekend. Six o’clock club at the red barn with special guests Sharky & Hannah & treated to this lovely Lundy sunset …_EST8143OktobeR Estpix 18

Clear skies for the start of Exmoor Dark Skies festival.AEST8152OktobeR Estpix 18

More dark skies, the mast at Challacombe hill.LR_EST8176

Plus some pix from early Novemkter:

East Lyn river and some experimentation with the B&W 10 stop ND filter.

_EST8258OktobeRplus Estpix 18

_EST8268OktobeRplus Estpix 18

_EST8274OktobeR Estpix 18

_EST8279OktobeRplus Estpix 18

_EST8286OktobeRplus Estpix 18

Cloud porn, Woolly beach

_EST8300OktobeRplusLR Estpix 18


Thats it folks, thanks for coming back to look.


Up coming – Lundy trip at end of November.