Kestrel on Hartland Point

Posted on March 11, 2019


Being at heart an action-sports photographer. (In a previous life I was a professional surf photographer for 15 years). And now learning the dark arts of landscape photography, it is always a pleasure to bump into some wildlife and getting a buzz from frantically doing the maths and changing settings to shoot at high shutter speeds. Here is a case in point, here we are on a leisurely stroll south of Hartland Point to Spekes, there’s a big winter swell running and there is hard midday but plenty of, light. Then, ootb, (out of the blue(sky)), a focussed hunting Kestrel:





Fence Monday

Stonechat on a stick

Marauding Buzzard mixing it with a Gull

Second chance with Kez


Head turn


I’ve got my eye on you shrew.

Fuji XT-3 w/100-400mm