Summer in winter and Stoneycroft

Posted on March 3, 2019


As storm Freya rattles the windows here at home in north Devon, Ive finally managed to process some photos of a trip to Lundy in the unseasonably warm and calm February sunshine of early spring 2019. We, the fab four (a random group of Lundyphiles ), take the short helicopter ride to the island every Feb/March to be battered by the north Atlantic storms: Last year the ‘beast from the east’ and previously ‘storm Imogen’ The added bonus is that often the weather is so bad/ foggy that the helicopter can’t fly and we are treated to extra days of holiday ……

Not this year however, and I take full blame for buying a new winter coat.


Back on the rock

Goat on a rock

Deer, deer, deer

Look how well this parcel is hidden

Mr deer

Hiding hinds


Battery canon

Rocket pole pond

Oldenberg supply trip

Old Light February 2019

Crystal clear

No need for a winter coat

*insert licking joke

Hazy horses

Thirst quenchers




Some thoughts on Stoneycroft


A beautifully spacious cottage with all mod cons; electricity and a shower that works fine. Not as remote or exciting as Tibbetts but perfectly private and very handy for the village facilities, shop and pub. Has the same little Wenlock stove as Tibbetts so should be perfectly warm in cold weather, especially as it has radiators, although we couldn’t test it thoroughly in the mini winter summer.. The large kitchen/ dinning room is a bonus compared to Tibbetts as, the chef can interact with the troops at the kitchen table. One double bed and two singles is not as convenient at the infamous Tibbetts bunk beds but the front room sofa is perfectly comfortable (and closer to the stove) if needed.

Front room relaxation.

The man, the myth, the legend.


XT3 w/ lenses as per metadata.


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