Lundy Calendar 20 – 20

Posted on April 16, 2019


Always a pleasure to get some Lundy stamps, especially when it’s ‘delivered by helicopter’, and it is always pleasure to receive a free copy of the Lundy calendar!! Whoop, whooop, (not that I’m much of a cheapskate, much, hmmm but your christmas pressy is sorted Mum)….. Anyway, anyway.

It is a monumental challenge to get at photo in the Lundy Calendar. So, that’s why you have to visit as often and frequently as possible….. Hmmm, so far so good. So much gorgeous light and interesting subjects and landscapes battled over with talented photo hogs who live there or like me, visit when possible.  Next years calendar showcases the work of the inspirational John Fyrer, who I believe is a photography teacher (what lucky students!), his cover shot has nailed it. The clown of the sea (slightly off-centre for added affect) with perfect eye contact from the south, hopefully will sell alot especially to day visitors as imagined memorabilia. Well done John, good work, and well rewarded for lugging the 600mm f4 across the island and for your obvious tenacity especially when all the students were in the pub adding to your bar tab! haha ….. and annoying Grant, ooops. Interestingly, that’s the second year in recent history (2018 – Shelley Sherman’s wonderful pic)) that sea thrift and puffins have made the front cover (not that there is a formula obvs, but does make you think. Finally great shots by Lundyphile and buddy, Martin Thorne also Tibbetts under stars by Josh Harris. Whats not to like? Buy, buy, buy xx

Some of these photos, you may have seen in previous posts on this blog….

Lundy stamps

Puffin smelling flowers

Walking the dogs

Lundy sparrow

Deer. Doorstep.

John Fyrer’s Puffin cover

Go to Lundy and switch off your phone.

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