Tricked up Tibbetts

Posted on April 1, 2020


All aboard the skylark!


Destination Tibbetts (top right). The last leg of the journey – on foot.

We managed to squeeze in a a trip to Lundy before the lockdown. In what now seems a lifetime ago (writing this just 3 weeks later), in the second week of March we took the helicopter from Hartland International Heliport for a five day stay on the island. Tibbetts has had a major overhaul in the winter we were told while refreshing our thirst in the Marisco Tavern but thankfully when we arrived up the sodden path it was still reassuringly familiar.


After months of rain the island was saturated.


Tibbetts March 12th 2020

It hadn’t been stylishly reworked using a restrained palette of marble, teak and artificial grass. Neither was there underfloor heating, natural thermoshade Japanese blinds or a fully integrated Sonos system. However fellow Tibbetians, I have to report that there is a new Wenlock! Oh my days…… A new AGA Little Wenlock:


New Wenlock, side

New Wenlock, half above right

New Wenlock, front

For those of you who have forgotten already, this is what the old one looked like. Oh, and they’ve opened up the chimney too, and put in a new boiler that makes the shower “the hottest yet”.

It gets the seal of approval from David.


Nice and snug inside while the Atlantic blows out the last storm of the season.

I will be posting a few more photos of our stay over the next few days, lots of seals, coos and deer plus a few birds.

Also coming:  #aprilprojeckt20

Fuji XT3 w/ 16-55mm f2.8

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