Lundy Rona: What’s hot, n’not.

Posted on October 18, 2020


It’s been an unusual summer in more ways than one way but hardest to bare has been the lack of opportunist day, and camping trips, to Lundy Island. The Motor Ship (MS) Oldenburg, that normally packs 267 people on board, is now limited to 90 due to social distancing restrictions and unless you have booked a stay on the island, you’ll be lucky to get a ticket. However a cancellation popped up and a few fellow Tibbettians were assembled for a last minute boat strike to see how the island had faired during the Covid crisis.

Hot: You are guaranteed a seat on the boat. Not: It still goes up and down alot..

Hot: The wildlife is less shy. Not: what?

Hot: Tibbetts is. Not: ever popular.

Hot: Friends. Not: Bellends

Hot: Self portraits on golden rocks. Not: Self importance on instarocks.

Hot:  Tibbetts interior on vvvindy afternoon. Not: Climate change.

Hot: Second brood swallows at Millcombe. Not: They are too underweight to make it.

Hot: Sparrows in the pub. Not: Humans thinking there should be no sparrows in the pub…

Hot: Your own pub. Not: Avoiding the coastguard..

Hot (Portrait) DaveO, Tibbetts  Oct. 2020. Not: No DaveO.

Hot: The song remans the same. Not: The song remains the same

Hot: Late night walk from the Tavern to Tibbettts. Not: Not, doing the late night walk from the tavern to Tibbetts .

Hot: Feeling at home on the north end. Not: Not, feeling at home because you’re not at the north end.

Hot: Enjoying Soay pie in the Tavern. Not: and wishing there was a Devon pasty that tasted as nice..

Hot:  The West Coast, click on it and breathe away the batshit crazy world we live in…. Not: Dont bother just breathe away the bullshit anyway..

Hot: Timeless views. Not: Taking it for granted.

Hot: Gannets Combe in full autumn coat. Not: Having to leave the island and return home.


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