Sneak Peak: Beautiful North Devon Calendar 2021

Posted on October 6, 2020


The new 2021 Calendar is at the printers. 

It’s quite an exciting time akin to the old days when you posted your roll of transparency film off to the Darkroom in Cheltenham and had to wait to see the results. All will be revealed soon, in the meantime here’s a selection of photos that were rejected for this years projeckt.

Lundy March 20

Roe Deer Combegate Valley  

Lundy March 20

Big Boat Sunset

Lundy March 20

Lundy Dreaming

Lundy March 20

Morte Point

Lundy March 20

Baggy Point June Light

Lundy March 20

Bull Point Lighthouse

Lundy March 20

Sunrise Baggy Moods


For a sneak peak of the 2021 Calendar click on the link below

Buy Beautiful North Devon Calendar 2021

I’ll let you know when they arrive and where you can get them here in North Devon to save postage costs.


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