Winter into Spring on the Moor

Posted on May 8, 2023


Moss, mud and much to appreciate

In search of spring in three walks in three weeks along the river Barle, Baggery waters and a camping trip near the source of the Exe. Green, green my world is green.

Except when it’s blue.

Bells near Whithypool>


Beach hedge, 200 years later.

Spring beach.

Exmoor orchids.

Love this one. “Garlic in green jeans.” ClicK on it.

Blue, blue, electric blue.

Horner. Woods.

Long. Pool.

Hoar Oak waterfall.

Ash before Oak we’re in for a soak, Oak before Ash we’re in for a splash.

All the antlers have been shed

Brand spanking new, mealy-muzzled pony, causing a traffic jam at Aldermans barrow.

Where do you get your pleasure?

Fast food, instant gratification, posting photos of your lunch on S&M, or having shared experiences and quiet moments with friends and other life forms

or both.

So happy to enjoy Spring, springing with damp socks

and joy.


So stoked to have won the North Devon Surfing Reserve, line-up photo of the winter.

Thanks to Saltrock for supporting the NDSR.

I’ll do a limited edition (20) print run of the photos in the new book.

Stay tuned, pop pickers, for details coming soon.