Still Wandering

Posted on March 3, 2011


Stuey Campbell pumps a sweet little frontside grab in front of Morte Stone

Firstly,  a big thanks you to everyone who bought a first edition copy of the book “The Essential Contentment of Futile Wanderings”. The news is that it is now SOLD OUT! Never fear, the second edition is now available and has been tweaked a bit with a couple of extra verses and some different pictures. Copies are available at £9.99 plus 65p P&P, e mail me ( for details.

The title itself is a bastardisation of a quote from Conrad’s ‘Heart of Darkness’ in which the Russian is described as destitute and lonely in the “essential desolation of his futile wanderings”. I love the quote and the more I thought about it, I couldn’t help concluding that there was essential contentment in futile wanderings, hence the title of the book. The Russian is the hippy photographer character in the film ‘Apocalypse Now’ – played by the late great Dennis Hopper by the way and the film must be an all time top provider of seminal quotes for my generation. If you haven’t seen the film,  or read the book ‘heart of darkness’, make the effort.

The book itself contains 10 ‘poems’ and 10 never before published photos and here’s some of the nice things reviewers have said about it;

“interesting, thought provoking and the photos are top notch (as to be expected).” A1 Surf

“His new publication is an extension of his passion for words and pictures”. North Devon Journal

(some review copies  are still available).

One of the photos first published in the book, but which has subsequently been published in the latest Carve Magazine is this cracking overview of Blacklands taken last November. The sun is shinning today in North Devon and the swell is on it’s last legs as we March (wot?) into spring and this shot makes me feel nostalgic for what will probably be recognised as one of the best winters for surf in years…