All the sun that shines

Posted on April 12, 2011


Twin twin peaks

Croyde pic of the day

It all started when I saw one of my photos posted by someone else on Magicseaweed.

It was quite upsetting momentarily but it was all easily and quickly sorted by the chaps at the ‘weed’ (who didn’t want to get their asses sued) and I got a nice apology from a grom (who probably didn’t know about copyright law). Anyway I reposted the offending picture of Ellis Beeton taken at Croyde about 10 years ago, and a few other more recent ones, under my own name and could have never guessed the consequences. The photo of Croyde with twin twin peaks was run as ‘Pic of the day’, it was originally published in Carve about two years ago and went largely unnoticed at the time, apart from an eagle eyed Alan Stokes who commented on it at an event sometime later. Imagine my shock when it got over 20,000 views in just 24 hours and comments came from all over the world! I might be an old farting dinosaur but to me the interweb is still an amazing, wonderful and at times unfathomable thing and it isn’t until you read the figures that you realise what a truly global  community we now live in. I guess that many tyrants and despots in the middle east are finding that out too, so we do have something in common after all.

Course the main problem is how do you convert those ‘views’ of thousands of people into ‘sales’ of thousands of pounds. Seaweed have a ‘buy this print’ option on their website and two of the 20,000 viewers chose to buy a print so I was able to buy a bottle of Spanish tinto to celebrate my day of fame, many thanks to the two, who ever you were, for the red stain on a new white t-shirt. It was only a cheap bottle but it was better than nothing, as Justin Lee Collins said after we gave him a combined heat score of 0.7 for two waves at last years Saltrock contest. If you, by any chance, forgot to buy a print, it’s not too late you can still buy a print on the ‘weed’ site to support my wannabe alcoholism and pink t-shirt addiction or if you are visiting Croyde, why don’t you pop in and see the nice people at the Chapel Farm Gallery (near the Thatch pub), to have a look at a few of the prints and some of the other artwork for sale by local artists. If you buy something I promise I wont spend all the profit on booze, as there are other things to covert, such as lenses, filters, batteries, cards, software, petrol, fig rolls, fishing line, music and surfboard wax ……

Downend Point

Bends ahead at Downend Point

Going Surfing

Going Surfing, Woolacombe

Sunset at Ralph's

Sunset at Ralphs

Finally, I noticed that there are adverts now appearing at the bottoms of my posts. Just to make it clear that these are inserted by the WordPress crew (in an effort to turn views into sales I guess and fair play too), but they are in no way endorsed or supported by me or Estpix Photography.

Woolly overview

Woolly overview